Do you want to know the real 🔑 to a solid content strategy that works?


Now that you have your content strategy, it’s time to execute! If you’re like most business owners, you struggle with this part because you have multiple obligations you need to address throughout the day, and sitting down to write a blog post is the last thing you want to do.

I get it!

As a small business owner myself and someone who creates content for other businesses the hardest thing to do is for me to create my own content. I spend A LOT of time in meetings and working on other content that the last thing I have time for is my own content.

The problem with waiting until the last minute to create or spend time on your own brand is that nobody gets the chance to know, like or trust you and then you struggle with getting leads eventually. This is where creating and executing your strategy is vital for your business.

So how do you create the content you need? Now that you have your list of ideas, schedule of posts, and you have put it all together, how do you actually follow through on the plan?

A great way that I have found to do this is through video! I know this can be intimidating and if you’re busy the last thing you may want to do is set up a camera and film but this is a great way to get the thoughts out of your head so that you can share with the people who need to see it!


The video doesn’t have to go on YouTube, TikTok, or Reels. It can also just be a place for you to dump out all the info in your head so that someone else on your team can turn it into a blog post or social media post. This is working smart and re-purposing content. Create one piece of content and have it turned into multiple pieces of content across various platforms.

For example, this blog series started as a video series and is now a series of social media posts and blog posts on the website so that if you don’t opt-in, you can still see the info. Allowing someone else on your team to take the content and transcribe, etc allows for them to see what it is you’re talking about and what’s in your head so they know how to accurately help you convert this information to your customers.

Is video the only way to do this? No, but, for me, I have found that it makes it easier to hand off. This doesn’t mean that you need to be completely hands-off. In fact, anytime I video to create content, I go back and review it to make sure that my voice is clear and we are conveying the right thing to the audience. If video still seems daunting to you here’s another thing you can do:

Block some time, look at your calendar, look at what you want to talk about, and actually do the work! Sit down and write the blog posts. Creating blog posts is what helps you to gain organic SEO. It also allows people to get to know you and your brand before they do business with you. If you aren’t taking the time to write anything on your website that is one less way they get to know, like, or trust you. This is so important in pulling them off of your social media so you have immediate access to them.

Now don’t get overwhelmed with the small things while you create, Just sit down and write or type. A good copywriter or editor can turn whatever you write into a gem that your customers love. 

When it seems overwhelming, just remember the key takeaway. When you create a content strategy that is clear, housed on your website, and shared on your social media, your customers build a relationship with you and are more apt to do business with you than your competitors.

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