Fractional CMO
Strategic Marketing & Sales

Connect Marketing to Your Business Success

We take the guesswork out of your marketing by aligning sales & marketing efforts to your business goals.

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Move From Uncoordinated Action to Traction

Generate Measureable Progress With a Fractional CMO

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    You've defined overall business goals. And you need your internal teams to help you get there. We translate your strategic goals into a marketing & sales plan that delivers results.

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    Without good leadership, marketing and sales teams can produce a lot of action without making traction. We pull the teams together, so they're working on the same priorities.

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    No more celebrating impressions, clicks, likes and shares. We build dashboards that connect marketing and sales activities to outcomes tied to strategic goals.

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More Than a Fractional CMO

Bridging the Gap Between Owners, Marketing & Sales

Having worked as a road warrior sales rep for 10+ years, I understand the tension between marketing, sales and the executive team. I saw the wrong marketing tactics generate leads I knew would never close. And I've seen great leads abandoned due to an ineffective sales process.

Now that I've spent a decade consulting with hundreds of multi-millon dollar companies on their marketing and strategic business goals, I see how easy it is to spend tens of thousands of dollars in marketing that doesn't move the needle. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. My training and experience in StoryBrand messaging & coaching, plus Brand Builders growth techniques allowed me to create a process that bridges the gap between leadership, marketing & sales.

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Creating Marketing Alignment & Traction

See How We Pull Marketing, Sales & Leadership Together

We use a proven process we've refined after working with hundreds of multi-million dollar businesses. The work is deep, and it's effective at aligning your people, processes, systems and strategy.

Phase 1


We start with an in-depth marketing analysis to understand where you are now and what gaps you have in your strategy, marketing plan, and your team.

Opportunities & Next Steps

Team Analysis

Market Research

Messaging & Audience

Digital Analysis

Sales Process Review

Materials Review

Phase 2


Using priorities from our Evaluation Phase, we create a marketing plan to address gaps and create a marketing strategy to execute together.


Marketing Budget

Ideal Client Profile

Customer Journey

Marketing Message

Content Strategy

Marketing & Sales Team Training

Sales Team

Sales & Marketing Collaboration

Retargeting Existing Clients

Sales Projections & Planning

Sales Funnel & Workflow

Content Strategy

Marketing & Sales Team Training

Phase 3


Our ongoing marketing services empower you to know what's working and your team to deliver results.

Confidently Move Forward

KPI Updates & Reviews

Marketing Consultations

Resource Acquisition

Plan Adjustments

Team Coordination

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Expand Your Team

Access Marketing Services Through Our Network of Professionals

In order for marketing to be effective, you have to execute the plan. But some companies don't have the marketing team to support their growth goals. We can help! We have a network of marketing professionals we've worked with for years. And we can bring your team the resources you need, when you need them, to turn your goals into reality.

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    Web Design & Builds

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    Content Marketing

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    Videography / Photography

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    Social Media Management

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    Graphic Design

Don't Get Locked Out

Protect Your Digital Systems...

with this Marketing Access Checklist. Too many times we see companies who can't find access to systems they should own. Or they realize too late that someone outside their company owns their important digital accounts.

Use this marketing access checklist to take stock of your digital properties today.

Marketing Traction Happens

Where Leadership, Marketing & Sales Intersect

It's time to understand the value your marketing dollars brings your company.

That's why we focus on the big picture. Turn vision into actions. Close deals and deliver measurable results.

Are you ready?