Grow your business without breaking the bank on marketing that doesn't work.

Is Your Current Marketing Strategy Working?

  • Is your marketing full of industry language that has to be explained?
  • Do customers see you as the AUTHORITY in your space?
  • Can your team clearly communicate what you do and how you help customers?
  • Are you losing customers to competitors who’s products aren’t as good?
  • Does your website generate new leads for your business?
  • Is social media driving business to you?

CREATE Marketing That works

Simplify Your Message

Using a proven framework to create a compelling marketing message, grabbing the attention of your customers.

Marketing Strategy

We listen to your needs and to create clear marketing messages across all your marketing channels.

Get Results

When your marketing speaks to the customer needs and is consistent, you gain authority and business grows.

You want to grow your business, but marketing is time-consuming.

You have a business to run and your own problems to solve without having to worry about marketing. How do you create a message that solves a customers problem and delivers it consistently without adding one more thing to your plate?

We know marketing can seem overwhelming and can hold you back from launching and growing your business, but it doesn’t have to be.

Creating a clear marketing message is the first step to helping your business grow.

In fact, once you develop a clear marketing message, creating the rest of your marketing strategy is pretty simple.

Marketing Made Simple


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Grow your business

Reach more customers with a clear message and marketing strategy that works.

“Your brand

should tell a


Donald Miller, Building A StoryBrand

StoryBrand Your Business


Creating a story is all the buzz in marketing and advertising, but most people think it’s about telling your story and what you offer. The problem is, no one cares about your story. They want YOU to care about THEIR story and help them solve problems with your products or service. That’s why using the StoryBrand process to create a clear message makes all the difference. As a Certified StoryBrand Guide since April 2017, we use this framework, simplify your business story and create words speaking directly to customers. Putting the customers’ story above your own helps them win, and business grow.


Alese Stroud
Corporate Insight Strategy

Schell has a gift for helping her clients find their story. Her questions and insights led us to refocus our messaging in a way that proved to be much more interesting to our potential customers. Our entire team enjoys working with Schell.

Tina McCord
ZUNI Learning Tree

Schell’s energy and enthusiasm to support her clients is what drives her results. She assisted our company in aligning our goals and missions to match our actions. She played a strong role in developing company culture. Her marketing expertise led to sales and stellar customer support. In a nutshell, she’s awesome!

Rob Hartman
Performance & Stress Expert

Trying to create a clear message for my peak performance method was difficult and complex.  Schell was able to demystify the complexities of my message and marketing to reach my audience.

The forgotten customer

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Do you rent or own?

  I’m not talking about your home or condo. I’m talking about your audience and potential customers. WHAAAAAT????? Sure, we don’t technically rent or own anyone, but if your marketing strategy puts the focused on social media to drive business, and you’re not...

View your business as an Artist

  When was the last time you looked at a piece of art? I mean really looked at it? You noticed the brushstrokes in the painting or the color variations in a photograph.  See the lines on the woman’s face. The detail of her hands as she prepares a meal expressing...

Keeping your customer’s feet dry

  “Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a fairy princess and her magical fairy…” Ok, this type of storytelling isn’t exactly what we mean when we say “story” in marketing. The amount of content that is available for readers is staggering between blogs,...

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The constant disruption of your day with never-ending messages makes it hard to get customers. The clearer your marketing message, the more likely your customers will take action. Creating a clear message doesn't have to be hard, but you need an outside perspective to help you clarify who you are trying to reach and how to effectively reach them. ClearMark helps you uncover your company story and the right messaging; gaining the trust of your customers and ultimately increasing your revenue.