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Creating content like blog posts, videos, or other informational pieces is important for your business.  It’s how you market yourself to the world and help others know what you offer and how to work with you.

But, if you are like most businesses, you probably struggle with coming up with what to say, how to say it, and even where to say it. This “content strategy” can be overwhelming and make most business owners just give up.

You may think that creating content and a content strategy is overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can create a content strategy that is helpful for you and is easy to manage so you can help teach and inform your customers and prospective customers. 


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You  can start this process in a few easy steps:

1 – Take a look at the entire year and then break it down by quarter. Start by listing out each month and week beginning on a Sunday or Monday, which ever you prefer.

2 – When you have mapped out each week, go back and add in holidays. This is important so that you are a part of the conversation when everyone else is talking about the holidays as well. 

For example, in February, you may talk about Valentine’s Day. In March it may be St. Patrick’s Day. In April, it may be spring.

3 – Next, if you are using #hashtags, make a list and have it handy. If you don’t know what #hashtags to use spend a little time researching ones that might be overall relevant to your ideal target audience. Don’t let this get too overwhelming or complicated, just choose maybe 15-20 that you would like to use.

4 -Add in any fun days or activities that are engaging for your clients/audience.

For example, you may want to include national coffee day, pie day, or talk like a pirate day (one of my favorites)!

5 – Once you have the holidays and fun days that you want to represent and your relevant hashtags, write down any event that your company hosts or any events that your company attends for vendors, etc. This could be anything you generally offer or are planning to offer.

For example, a local bike shop always offers a bike tune up special in February. Another client offers 12 Days of Christmas deals every year. 


Creating a content strategy helps you and anyone helping you create content have a plan to execute, taking out the guesswork out of your social Strategy. 


Take a few minutes now to fill out an overall calendar of all the events, holidays, and fun hashtags that you want to be a part of over the next year. Just make sure that you have the overall content strategy for you and your business.

Make sure to keep going with your content strategy by brainstorming, putting it all together and executing! And while you’re at it, make sure to grab my FREE Content Strategy Playbook!

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