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Walking into a yoga new studio or yoga class can be a bit nerve-racking. You’re not sure where exactly to go, where to put your mat, and the friendly chatter of the regulars can seem a little intimidating.  Most people are kind and welcoming, since, you know it’s a yoga class.

But for your first time, that uneasy feeling of not knowing what to expect can have you a little tenser or intimidated, even for the most outgoing of people.

Recently I attended a new class, and was surprised how I felt lying out my mat.

It wasn’t until the instructor began to introduce the day’s practice and intention for the session that I saw the parallel between yoga and marketing.

As she began class, she thanked us for coming and welcoming those of us who were attending for the first time.  

“It is good to try new things. To experience new instructors and find what works best for you and your practice. Today may be challenging to you, but I encourage you to continue on and work hard, fighting for your intention today.  Listen to your body, and if you need to rest and refocus, please do. You can pick back up and rejoin us when your body is ready.”

Marketing your business can be a lot like yoga.  

You’re not exactly sure who to trust, where you should invest your marketing dollars, and the experience of other business owners seem to have their marketing all figured out.

It’s intimidating. There are tons of resources. Multiple coaches, courses, and books that can teach you what you’re supposed to do, but it’s still a little overwhelming.


It doesn’t need to be hard!

Marketing doesn’t have to feel like a level 3 Yoga class with crazy contortion poses or headstands.

When it comes to starting a new marketing campaign or strategy, you first need to take a deep breath and decide your intention.

  • What is your goal or objective?
  • Is it to promote a new program for your business?
  • Are you wanting to bring awareness to your product or service?
  • Who are you trying to reach and where will you most likely find them?

Then, you want to make sure your intention is followed by clear instructions that your customers can follow:

  • What problem you are helping them solve?
  • How can they order or contact you to begin the process?
  • Do you have a clear and obvious instruction so they can BUY NOW or SCHEDULE NOW (call to action)?
  • What is the process once they say yes?

And at the end, how do you want them to feel once it’s over and they have solved their problem?



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Which marketing channel is right?

Next, you want to find the right class (marketing channel) for your intention based on your experience as well as how many people you have working for you.

If you are a solo-entrepreneur or small business, that might mean utilizing social media and limiting it to one or two platforms to better execute your objectives and social strategy. If you have a marketing team, you may determine a full marketing campaign utilizing multiple channels and platforms to maximize your growth and exposure.


What happens when it doesn’t work? 

Like yoga, you will have times when your intention set, the right instructions, and the right class, yet you still stumble.

If that happens, it’s ok. Acknowledging what didn’t work and where you may need to grow so you can reach your goals.

During this new class I wobbled, fell, took a break, and laughed at myself. At the end of class, our instructor reminded us our practice is individual and with each session, we get stronger and better than the first time we attended.

What’s essential is to stay at it, so our practice becomes better.

The same is true for marketing.  

You won’t always be perfect or create marketing that attracts and grows your business. The key is to recognize where you can improve, make changes, and continue working to get better.

The more you do, the stronger and more confident you will become. Before you know it, you’ll be a busting out some marketing headstands and crazy marketing moves.

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