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When was the last time you looked at a piece of art? I mean really looked at it?

You noticed the brushstrokes in the painting or the color variations in a photograph.  See the lines on the woman’s face. The detail of her hands as she prepares a meal expressing the love. The hardship she feels.

Noticed the battles scenes painted in the background. The position of a statuesque general standing prominently in the foreground. A soldier on the verge of death as the battle rages behind him. 

Looking at art, it’s more than breezing from one piece to the next. To see the detail and artistry of the painter, sculptor or the photographer envisioned, you have to pause to take an in-depth look at every aspect of the piece.

That is when you can see the vision and expression of the artist’s mind.

When the artist is creating their masterpiece, they spend time focusing on details. They pause, viewing the details as it relates to the entire piece. That pause ensures the small details don’t lose focus on the overall vision of their work.

The same is true creating marketing messages for your business.

In the midst of all the content you create with customers, you too need to take a step back. This allows you to see how each specific detail of messaging and marketing connects to each other and the vision of your company.

If it’s disjointed and pockets of your messaging don’t seem to connect to one another, customers won’t have a good understanding of the vision and purpose of your company or organization.

This keeps them from seeing the big picture. The “why” of your business. How you help them, and ultimately, can prevent them from engaging with you.

Customers look at the details of your business much like viewing a painting.

They notice the details of your website, how you interact with social media and does that connect with your overall messaging.

If they like what they see, they will linger a bit longer, taking time to connect to the community, and over time, become a raving fan of what your company does.

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We take the guesswork out of your marketing by aligning sales & marketing efforts to your business goals.

Taking a step back to look at all your marketing content and messaging, consider asking these questions –

  • Does my overall messaging for the company let customers know we understand their problems and have solutions to help them solve it?
  • Is there a strategy for why we post what we post on different social media channels?
  • Is there a plan and content strategy for our blogs posts with a goal in mind?
  • Do our employees all say the same thing when asked, “What is XYZ?” or work together to provide exceptional customer communication?
  • Do our sales messages align with our marketing messages?

As the master painter of your company, these questions can help you take a step back to view the details of your marketing messaging, creating a messaging masterpiece for your customers to see and engage.  When the details of your company are clearly communicated, it gives your customers it completes the image you intended.

What other questions would you ask to make sure the details of your marketing are connected to the overall image of your company’s vision?


‘Bal du Moulin de la Galette – Jean Renoir’ via
‘The Girl With a Pearl Earring – Jan Vermeer’ via 


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